Question: Is perfect money a Cryptocurrency?

Perfect Money enables our customers to send, receive and store securely Bitcoin assets. We provide safe and reliable platform to perform any transactions denominated in Bitcoins. You do not need to download and use a complicated and inconvenient Bitcoin wallet.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money?

You can purchase Bitcoins directly from exchange websites or you can also purchase Bitcoin from people that sell them through Perfect Money.

What is a perfect money?

Perfect Money was created as an electronic payment system for non-cash payments on the Internet. This network was established in 2007. … The system was originally created as a payment tool for instant and secure settlements in the business environment and between private users.

Perfect Money as a company is not registered in Nigeria nor is the service licensed by the banking regulator CBN. Your use of this wallet is at your own risk.

Is Cryptocurrency considered money?

Cryptocurrency is digital money. That means there’s no physical coin or bill — it’s all online. You can transfer cryptocurrency to someone online without a go-between, like a bank. … People might use cryptocurrencies for quick payments and to avoid transaction fees.

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How do I fund my perfect money account?

Deposit via Perfect Money:

  1. Go to the Deposit section of your Personal Area, and click Perfect Money.
  2. In the pop up window, select the trading account you would like to top up, select the deposit currency, and specify the amount you want to deposit, and click Next.
  3. A summary of the transaction will be shown.

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How do I open a perfect money account?

How to Create a PerfectMoney Account

  1. The first thing we have to do to create an account is to visit and click on “Register” to start creating your account. …
  2. Once you have put the data correctly, you accept and they will send you an email to the account that in put your real details.

How much is perfect money to dollar?

Exchange Rate

Currency Quantity You Buy (NGN)
ADVcash USD 1-100000 520
Ethereum Classic 1-10000 500
Perfect Money EURO 1-100000 600
Skrill USD 1-100000 560

How do I convert Perfect Money to Bitcoin?

Exchange Perfect Money to Bitcoin

  1. Step 1: Log in to your 365cash account. …
  2. Step 2: Choose the Perfect Money USD in the blue column on the left. …
  3. Step 3: In the form on the right, enter the amount of PerfectMoney you want to spend. …
  4. Step 4: Then enter your PerfectMoney wallet address.

Can I transfer money from Perfect Money to PayPal?

You can exchange Perfect Money USD to PayPal USD with the help of any exchanger shown on the list. If you’re using OKchanger for the first time or you have any doubts or difficulties, please check out our FAQs before you start exchanging.

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Does Perfect Money need verification?

To verify your account you need to upload a scanned copy of your ID (passport or driving license), a scanned copy of the utility bill containing your name and address, and to confirm the mobile phone number entered in your user profile.

How can I buy perfect money with my credit card?

Steps to Buy Perfect Money with Credit Card:

  1. Type the billing name and billing address.
  2. Enter your credit or debit card number, EXP date, and CVV.
  3. Enter the Perfect Money account number for receiving the payment.
  4. Determine the amount you want to exchange.
  5. Review the order total and entered information.

Where can I buy perfect money online?

Below is a list of 7 trusted exchangers for perfect money in Nigeria

  • MyTopExchange.
  • Naira
  • Instant Exchanges.
  • Digital Xe Nigeria.
  • Gold2Naira.
  • Nigeria Gold Exchange.
  • Standard Gold Nigeria.

Is Bitcoin worth real money?

Some investors compare Bitcoin to gold as a potential store of value as it increases in relative worth against both the U.S. dollar and gold. “Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin cannot be hyperinflated.

Why is Bitcoin worth real money?

Durability is a major issue for fiat currencies in their physical form. A dollar bill, while sturdy, can still be torn, burned, or otherwise rendered unusable. Digital forms of payment are not susceptible to these physical harms in the same way. For this reason, bitcoin is tremendously valuable.

Who owns the most bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto

He is the author of the bitcoin white paper and the first person who invented the first blockchain database. It is estimated that Satoshi owns over 1 million bitcoins, worth approximately US$6 billion as of March 2020.

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